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Emmanuel Tchividjian


  • It is also important to know that Emmanuel Served exofficio on The PRSA Board of Ethics and Professional Standards (BEPS) for many years. His input into the rewriting of our Code of Ethics
    and the development of the Code’s 18 supplemental updates, Ethics Standards Advisories (ESA), was important and helpful, as is his continued service on the PRSA Advocacy Committee. His personal interest and help to so many of over the years has been a major contribution to our industry’s understanding and application of ethical principles, problem solutions and questions. Perhaps most important of all his constantly inspiring us to continue focusing on finding the ideal
    behaviors that ethical public relations practice promises.

  • Emmanuel this is the ultimate statement for us as individuals and for our profession.

    Especially today on March 11 it is both healing and a demand for personal commitment.

    Your message made me cry in sadness for what exists and with hope for what we can become.

    We must see that it is read by millions starting with leaders of our government and our communities.

  • An excellent column, Emmanuel…powerful, insightful and practical. Thank you for speaking out.

  • Emmanuel, everything that you had to say in this is spot on. I remember growing up and constantly being told by my grandfather, “Just because you can, does not mean that you should.” I think that a lot of people in this country have lost the idea that it is okay to disagree. I would even push that notion further and say that it is good that we disagree. Our abilities to be rational and have different viewpoints on issues is as you mention, are a core staple to civil society. Afterall, as tip four implies, listening to differing opinions could help you learn a thing or two. It is hard to fathom why a person would denigrate another human just because their ideas differ. But, you see, it is much easier to scream and berate than it is to prove a logical point. Unfortunately, it seems as though we have entered an age where logic and rational have been replaced by emotions, fear, and intimidation. The question is, can we right the ship before it is too late, or are we already destined to run aground.

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