Welcome to the “New” PRSay

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you – we have upgraded and polished up PRSay.

We understand that redesigns can sometimes be disorienting and confusing, but, like the iPhone and iphoneother constantly advancing technologies, upgrades often mean a better user experience. The changes you’ll see here were made with this in mind. For months, we considered what a better, more robust user experience would look like for you, our readers, and allow you to get the best out of the great content to help you advance your public relations career.

Speaking of the iPhone, our old design hadn’t been altered since it was introduced in 2008; since then, the iPhone has seen ten iterations while our blog has largely stayed the same. While you may not have missed out on any noticeable functionality on our desktop site,  we weren’t keeping up with changing technology or reader expectations on mobile phones or tablets.

old prsay


The changes we’ve made will allow for a better overall reader experience. You’ll be able to better find the content you’re seeking. You’ll notice that all content has been categorized and tagged in a more intuitive way. (You’re PR pros, so we’re assuming you’ll actually notice things like this)  You’ll also notice that the site is lighter and easier to navigate, which means your time will be used more efficiently.

If you’re joining us from a mobile device, you’ll likely notice a major improvement over our old site. While the “old” PRSA was not mobile friendly, this new one is optimized for any of your handheld and mobile devices. It’ll look just as good on your desktop as it does on your phone or tablet. Mobile optimization is reason enough for us to justify an upgrade.

Iold comprehensionf you read our ComPRehension blog, you’ll now find that content here on PRSay. When I began working
at PRSA and took over as Editor of the PRSA blog network, I asked the obvious question, “Why do we have two blog channels?” Since then I’ve been asked the same question many times by you, our readers, contributors and members. While there are some reasonable explanations, advancement in technology and the expectations of our readers made the justification harder to defend. For that reason, among others, we’ve effectively closed ComPRehension and migrated the content here to PRSay. To those who enjoyed and contributed to ComPRehension, fear not, you’ll still be able find those articles here.

We’re excited about this change and hope you like it too. You can still expect the same great content you’ve read in the past, and as we move forward, we’re hoping to roll out a few new features dedicated to helping you advance your career and your communication goals.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and email us directly if you notice any bugs that we should be aware of while taking this new platform for a spin.

Laurent L. Lawrence, APR is the director of public relations for the Public Relations Society of America. Laurent is a communication strategist who’s extensive background includes journalism, copywriting, integrated communication and devising digital/social media campaigns for a wide variety of PR practices. Follow him on Twitter @LaurentLawrence, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Laurent Lawrence, APR

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  • Congrats on the upgrade–much cleaner and more attractive (and intuitive)!

    For those who “curate” content to share (like I do for the @PRConversations feed), it is much appreciated if you (always) include Twitter handles (like yours above). That is, if the post author has one. In a pinch, the author’s company or agency Twitter account. Thanks in anticipation. Cheers.

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