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3 Reasons You Should Apply To Lead PRSA

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Let’s face it, listicles are here to stay, like it or not. As public relations professionals, some of us have even used them to highlight important developments or help pitch new business, i.e. “Four key benefits separating us from the competition.”

Lists are generally valuable resource for all PR Pros; how else would we know when our next conference call is? PR professionals often have a long list of professional objectives, but there’s one we would all be remiss if we didn’t add to our ever-expanding list of goals – volunteering for leadership positions.

With the PRSA Leadership application deadline just under one month away (Monday, June 15), we thought we’d share our top reasons every PRSA member should aspire to a leadership role:

Open Doors:

attic-112267_1280You have likely noticed your personal and business community expands with each new step in your PRSA membership; as a District, Section or Board leader, your reach will increase that much more. A PRSA leadership position is an opportunity for you to work closely with professionals and collaborate with leaders from the most prestigious companies in the country. PRSA leaders share particular knowledge and expertise that help organizations grow through constructive contribution and collaboration.


Inspire the Profession:

Act as the public face of PRSA and advocate on PRSA_5992
behalf of the profession, by encouraging others to engage with the organization, assist with committees and provide valuable insight into what is happening within the profession and the industry. As the world’s largest and foremost organization of public relations professionals, PRSA provides professional development, sets standards of excellence and upholds principles of ethics for its members and more broadly, the multi-billion dollar global public relations profession.

Give Back:

teaching-661748_1280Throughout our careers, many of us have been helped to succeed by one or two individuals who’ve taken just a few hours to offer advice and support. This is your opportunity to provide the same assistance on a broader scale. With more than 30,000 professional and student members, as a PRSA Leader, you’ll be setting industry policy and offering guidance that will extend beyond our membership and throughout the profession.


PRSA members are eligible to serve in many of the great leadership positions that are open.  Detailed information about leadership service, including eligibility, and the applications are available on the PRSA website.  Candidates can self-nominate or be nominated by another PRSA member.

If you’re interested in taking the next step in your career and PRSA membership, you’re encouraged to apply for a leadership position and work toward the betterment of the public relations profession.

Laurent Lawrence is the associate director of public relations for the Public Relations Society of America

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