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The Evolution of PRSAY

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It’s remarkable how quickly time passes in today’s hyper-frenetic world.

Though it seems like just yesterday, it was in January of 2009 that PRSA started publishing PRSAY. It was the second blog to be launched by PRSA, following the introduction of our professional development blog, ComPRehension, in September of 2007.

We created PRSAY in response to research that showed strong member interest in new ways of communicating and exchanging ideas with PRSA leaders. But after 15 months of publishing PRSAY, we realized that the blog has come to serve multiple roles — part PRSA news vehicle, part industry commentator and part celebrant of people, places and things — without ever fully realizing its intended purpose.

As a result, we’ve stepped back and undertaken an effort to refocus the content of the blog, to include items of wide-ranging interest and appeal to public relations professionals and current and potential users of public relations services. With this new editorial point of view, future PRSAY posts will provide insight and commentary on:

  • Current events or news of relevance to the practice of public relations, including corporate, government or individual missteps that affect reputation and/or trust, flout transparency, neglect the public good or inhibit the free flow of accurate and truthful information; the decline of traditional media; legislation and regulation; and notable and/or forgettable applications of public relations strategies and tactics.
  • The public relations industry, including best practices, important research, diversity, ethics, reputation and trust, trends and the value of public relations.

And while we’re narrowing PRSAY’s focus, we’re also broadening its perspective. All 17 members of PRSA’s Board of Directors will now join me in contributing to the blog on a rotating basis, making PRSAY a place where readers can find and provide comment on  thought leadership and views on the profession.

As for the PRSA news that was regularly featured here, we’re shifting that information to a new, monthly column in Public Relations Tactics, which will be written by PRSA President and COO, William M. Murray, CAE. Look for his first column to appear in the May issue, which should arrive the first week of the month.

We appreciate all those professionals who have taken the time to read and comment on PRSAY posts in the past, and we ask your indulgence as we institute these changes in an effort to make PRSAY a “must read” for PRSA members and professionals throughout the public relations industry. If you have any comments or suggestions for how we can make this blog even better and more relevant, please contact me directly. I look forward to hearing from you.

Gary D. McCormick, APR, Fellow PRSA, is 2010 Chair and CEO of PRSA.

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Gary McCormick, APR, Fellow PRSA


  • I think this is a good change. PRSA should have a forum for discussing the PR news of the day – whether highlighting the missteps or the best practices. I look forward to the new entries!

  • As a student studying strategic communications and member of PRSSA at the University of Kansas, I am excited to see what PRSAY will become. I am especially interested in reading the missteps and best practices in the PR industry. I think those two parts in particular will help me learn about the industry I will soon enter.

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