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Pre-Conference Seminar: New Communications Workshop

This was a full day seminar. The first half of the day, Eric reviewed the state of mainstream public relations. The second half of the day, Eric did a deep dive explanation of many social media tools. For those unable to attend today’s seminar and are new to social media, I encourage you to enroll in Eric’s PRSA two-day seminar: New Media PR Boot Camp.

Key take-aways from session:

  • Many believe new and social media interchangeable. Not the case. New media encompasses Internet empowered tools, whereas, social media is a subset of new media with the purpose of collaboration, interaction and sharing.
  • You are the filter.
  • Before becoming overwhelmed by the many social media tools available, ensure the “meat and potatoes” of your new media portfolio is in order: (1) Website, (2) Email and (3) SEO.
  • Do not allow conversation to fester when you have the opportunity to change negative opinions to neutral and neutral opinions to positive with social media tools.
  • Establish objectives before choosing the tools. Match consumer profiles to technologies.
  • Leverage what information you already have in your arsenal that is compelling. There are more ways to be successful in social media without managing a blog.
  • PR/communications should establish the permission and wherewithal  to manage areas of web content and conversation. Do not let only IT and Marketing have possession of this area.
  • Fill your own news hole. Be in control of your content with an online newsroom and go beyond media relations.

Eric Schwartzman, founder and chairman of online PR services provider iPressroom, managing director of Los Angeles PR firm Schwartzman & Associates and executive producer of the PRSA award-winning PR Podcast “On the Record…Online,” discussed how to use popular Web 2.0 tools.

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