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Meet Board of Directors Nominee Jane Law, APR

Each week this fall, PRsay will interview one of the nominees for the 2021 PRSA Board of Directors.

Name: Jane Law, APR

Location: Concord, N.H.

Current title: Manager, Internal and HR Communications, New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority

Board nominee position: Director, Northeast District

Alma mater: Wittenberg University (undergraduate degree); Southern New Hampshire University (graduate degree)

Number of years as a PRSA member: 13

You’ve been involved in many volunteer organizations since you were a teen. What inspired you to become part of these organizations?

My love of music and history caused me to join most of the volunteer organizations I’ve been associated with since I was young. Although they were unlooked-for when I joined, each of those organizations (five fife and drum corps and two Revolutionary War reenactment groups) also provided valuable leadership opportunities that eventually led me to Board service within PRSA.

What first attracted you to PRSA?

I had attended a Yankee Chapter PD event (I don’t even remember how I learned of it) at the beginning of 2007 and picked up a flyer about PRSA since I really enjoyed the PD session and meeting some of the Chapter members. I looked up PRSA’s website to learn more about the organization and noticed a chance to win a year’s free membership by filling out a form and putting myself on the PRSA mailing list. Guess who won the free membership! As a result, I became involved in the Chapter and have been a member since that time.

What are you most looking forward to next year with PRSA?

As a returning Board member, I am looking forward to getting to know and engaging with the new Board members coming in for 2021. Each member of the PRSA Board brings such different perspectives, knowledge and skills to the table. I have learned so much from this type of diversity of thought and experience from fellow Board members during my current term. Each person’s perspective brings value to and enriches the work of the Board and to PRSA as a whole.

John Elsasser is PRSA’s director of publications. He joined PRSA in 1994.

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