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Question of the Month: What Is Your Work-Related New Year’s Resolution?

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For each issue, the editors of Strategies & Tactics ask PRSA members a “Question of the Month.” In honor of the start of 2019, we posed the following question for January: “What is your work-related New Year’s resolution?”


“My goal is to empower myself so I can make a meaningful impact on other people’s lives; they win when I win. I will convert every obstacle on my path into a catalyst for something bigger and better.”

— Nivedita Ramakrishnan
Los Angeles


“Seek new sources, platforms and methods to communicate the issues, interests and achievements of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, who, in many cases, have difficulty telling their own stories due to verbal and other challenges resulting from their disability.”

— Anthony Hicks, APR
Director, Public Relations, SRVS
Memphis, Tenn.


“My 2019 resolution is to help grow the voices of diversity in my community, and on behalf of my clients, and continue to bring greater understanding of ethics into daily PR practice.”

— Dianne Danowski Smith, APR, Fellow PRSA
President, Publix Northwest Public Relations/Affairs
Portland, Ore.

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