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5 Tips to Creating a Stronger Award Entry

If you’re putting together your PRSA Silver Anvil Award entry, what can you do to help your nomination stand out from the crowd? Here are five tips to create a stronger award entry:

  • Select only your best work. It may seem like common sense, but the PR campaign you decide to enter must meet or exceed the required criteria. The Silver Anvils seek meaningful evidence of research, planning, execution and evaluation. Make sure you have enough well-rounded work, facts and results to satisfy the requirements, as this is often where some entries fall short on judges’ scores.
  • Focus on the two-page summary. Put the bulk of your time and energy into the required two-page summary since that’s where judges focus most of their review. Save the rest of your effort for compiling the required back-up information.
  • Tell an impactful story using the “3 Cs.” Make your written summary compelling (bring your business challenge and smart solution to life), cohesive (all sections of your entry should be easy to follow and understand), and clear (avoid industry jargon since most judges may not work in your sector).
  • Set and show measurable goals. Many entries don’t outline quantifiable objectives and business outcomes, making it tough for judges to know what you set out to accomplish and, most importantly, how you specifically defined success. Avoid vague goals like “increase brand awareness” without any indication of why, how and how much, and ensure you set measurable goals in your upfront campaign planning.
  • Get a second opinion. Have a third party (e.g., a colleague who hasn’t worked on the campaign) review your entry before you submit it. This ensures your entry is error-free and clear, especially to someone who isn’t as close to the work as you.

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Kelly Womer, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA, vice president and partner, Linhart Public Relations

Photo of Kelly Womer, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSAWomer is a former chair of PRSA’s Honors and Awards Committee, as well as former chair of the Silver Anvil, Bronze Anvil and Gold Anvil Awards Committees. She is a former PRSA Chicago Chapter president, and has served as a Silver Anvil and Bronze Anvil judge for numerous years.


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