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The Authentic Enterprise: In a Strong Position to Succeed

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During this Master Class, Jon C. Iwata, senior vice president, communications, IBM, and Toni Simonetti, vice president, global communications, GMAC, discuss the recent Arthur W. Page Society whitepaper, The Authentic Enterprise. This interactive session reviewed findings of whitepaper while asking the audience to participate in real-time surveys inquiring the same questions addressed in the study.

Key take-aways from this session:

  • New priorities and skills of the new Communications Officer:
    1. Define and instill company values.
    2. Build and manage multi-stakeholder relationships.
    3. Enable the enterprise with new media skills and tools.
    4. Build and manage organizational trust.
  • Communicators must not only position companies, but help define them.
  • The communications function has evolved; PR is facing a new reality.
  • Technology, global integration, multiplying stakeholders and transparency are most important challenges.
  • Traditional business functions are no longer controllable.
  • Communicators are uniquely positioned to become experts on organizational trust.

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