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Demand Digital Dexterity

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Staffbase is a proud sponsor of Connect 19 — the PRSA Employee Communications Section’s annual conference.

Digital technologies make our lives substantially easier but also lead to employees having expectations about the level of technology their company should provide. These tools allow for more streamlined processes, easier workflows between departments and quicker access to important information.

As millennials and other digital natives continue to take over the workforce, companies are moving to build a digital culture as well as digital literacy within their organizations. Technology continues to advance at a rapid pace and keeping up with the latest tool is essential to compete in the marketplace in the digital age.

Defining digital dexterity

Digital dexterity is the ability to continuously and quickly change organizational structure to utilize both human and digital materials with the current rapidly changing technological conditions. Digital dexterity is more than just adopting new technologies as they emerge. It is also critical that workers are using these digital technologies intelligently.

Digital dexterity can lead to long-lasting and advantageous digital transformation when executed effectively, improving employee retention and culture within your organization.

Improving internal communications

When most people think of digital transformation, the first thing that comes to mind are the latest technology trends: artificial intelligence, virtual reality, machine learning, facial recognition, virtual assistants — the list goes on!

However, these new and innovative technologies also affect the way in which we interact and communicate with one another. It’s never been easier for us to reach each other and always be in constant communication. Gone are the days when the only way to reach someone was by getting on the phone or sending an email that would get lost in their inbox. Mobile phones and social media not only allow people to be in constant communication, but also they create the societal expectation that we are always accessible.

Digital culture has such a dynamic effect on the success of a company. Internal communication has become a major priority for top performing organizations. As internal communication departments begin to improve their digital transformations, organizations are starting to recognize the critical role that this department plays in employees’ engagement and company culture.

Creating a digital work culture

Digital transformation is vital to the longevity of any modern business. Almost half of the workforce is made up of digital natives and that number is continuing to increase as millennials and Generation Zers join the workforce. Having digital dexterity is a critical part of creating a digital culture and attracting top talent. In order to successfully reach your employees, it is essential that you provide them with these same connectivity abilities in the workplace that they are accustomed to. This will enable them to be more productive and work more efficiently.

Adopting the latest digital technologies allows for enhanced digital communication. This will allow your organization to experience faster collaboration between and within departments. Mobile-first communication can ensure that all employees feel connected, making the silo mentality a concept of the past.

Implementing new technologies makes it easier for departments to share information with one another and inspires employees to think bigger. These technologies can lessen the disconnect between upper management and employees by creating a more efficient feedback channel.

Digital dexterity is essential to competing in the digital age as companies struggle to stand out. Also, it helps to create a connected and productive digital culture. The advantages of having digital dexterity are endless, so take the first step towards your digital transformation and adopt a mobile-first mindset!

Staffbase is a mobile-first employee experience platform which enables our customers to support the full employee lifecycle with a single, fully branded app. Our app is powered by a secure enterprise-grade service and verified by industry leaders worldwide. We enable companies to put their employees first — to engage with their hearts and minds every day and to reach them on the device they look at daily — their smartphone. Staffbase is a sponsor of Connect ’19 — the PRSA Employee Communications Section annual conference.

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