PRSA 2017–2019 Strategic Plan: “Framework for the Future,”

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Dear Member,

Change has become the new normal for public relations and communications professionals, and developments continue to emerge. Millennials have surpassed baby boomers as the largest segment in the workforce. Big data offers insights that enable customization and pose new cyber security and privacy issues. Mobile technology is transforming how businesses communicate. Diversity remains a challenge and a top priority. The lines are blurring among the disciplines of public relations, marketing, IT and customer service, and the need increases to create more collaborative teams and hybrid professionals.

PRSA has continued to evolve and respond to these issues in support of our members, partners and colleagues. We also have contributed to the development of business leaders through our MBA program, added a new Associate membership level, increased sponsorship and attendance at regional conferences dedicated to lifelong learning, and seen one of the most successful International Conferences in recent years. Our Code of Ethics remains the standard for performance, and we have added a collegiate credential.

Grounded in these accomplishments, we build the PRSA 2017–2019 Strategic Plan, “Framework for the Future,” on a strong foundation, and focus on a more strategic future. This plan brings vision, intention and qualitative and quantitative measures to track our progress.

PRSA has become more complex and diverse in recent years. While the Society must become nimbler, we also are cognizant that we must help prepare our members to meet tomorrow’s challenges as leaders at every level. The role of the communications professional will continue to evolve, and we will anticipate future trends, and support our members at every stage of their career. We have not lost the importance of organizational excellence in this process; staff and leadership will ensure PRSA continues to perform the highest levels of service, implementation and financial stability.

The path ahead is bright and exciting. We believe a “Framework for the Future” will continue to build upon the bedrock that has made PRSA so valuable to so many.

You can download the executive summary of the strategic plan here.

Jane Dvorak, APR, Fellow PRSA, chair of the Society for 2017.

Joseph Truncale is CEO of PRSA.

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