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You can order coffee and pay for it with a scan of your Smartphone, so why shouldn’t you be able to read your monthly issue of Tactics on that same phone? You will be able to do just that beginning on Sept. 1

PRSA continues to adapt to an ever-increasing technologically savvy world by taking our monthly publication, Tactics, and our quarterly publication, The Strategist, electronic. On the first Sunday of every month, we’ll deliver an electronic version of Tactics to your inboxes. The format will be similar to the daily Issues & Trends email and will link to the content provided in the print version of Tactics as well as supplemental PRSA features, resources and bonus online articles.

Anyone who was a member as of Aug. 2, 2013, will receive both the print version of the publications and the new electronic versions. Additionally, members will be able to access Tactics and The Strategist in a flipbook format, viewable on a variety of devices that support either Flash or HTML 5. (The Strategist has been available as a flipbook since 2010.) Those whose membership began after Aug. 2, 2013, will only receive the electronic version of the publications.

Opting in and out of the print and electronic versions is as simple as logging into your myPRSA member profile and clicking on the Edit button under the “My Communications Preferences” header. Opting out of the print version means you will no longer get the paper copy but you will still receive the email with links every month and have access to the online flipbook.


Our goal is to provide you with as many options as possible while keeping up with changing trends and member needs. We encourage everyone to consider only selecting online versions, helping PRSA to reduce our carbon footprint while also meeting the desire of our membership to access more information on their mobile and tablet devices.

Stephanie Cegielski is an associate director of public relations at the Public Relations Society of America

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