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#PRin2012: A Year of Shifting Metrics and Integration

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Editor’s note: This is the seventh in a series of 12 guest posts from industry executives predicting key trends that will impact the public relations industry in 2012. Hosted under the hashtag #PRin2012, the series began Dec. 19, 2011, with a compilation post previewing all 12 predictions.

Both a challenge and opportunity for public relations professionals in 2012 is to have more data-driven decision-making processes. I truly believe that PR will never be 100-percent science. It is, and always will be, both art and science.

However, especially for those of us focusing primarily on digital, identifying the right data that can inform our decisions, and then integrating across all channels will position us for success. There are number of new fascinating technologies out there that are taking things to a new level in terms of content optimization and syndication. It’s an exciting time to be in digital communications.

Joe Ciarallo(@JoeCiarallo) is vice president of communications at social enterprise software company Buddy Media. He is also a founding editor of’s public relations blog, PRNewser.

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