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Diversity Then and Now

As I write this blog entry, I reflect back on the way things “used to be” close to 20 years ago regarding diversity. Back then, the issue was limited to racial terms — black or white. Our strategy for how to reach them was similar, but the tactics we used were different. Also, the choices we made about how to achieve our goals and influence these groups were much more limited compared with today. Back then, we could work with TV, radio, print and perhaps, add in grass roots or local/national events.

Today, diversity takes in a much wider group of audiences with the addition of Latino/Hispanic, Asian, gay and lesbian, transgender, groups with developmental challenges, age diversity and other differentiators. Also, we have a much wider array of possibilities today to influence these diverse groups. With the addition of new media tools such as podcasts, Facebook, My Space, blogs, wikis, Twitter, etc., public relations pros can micro target these groups and have a much better system to evaluate business impact and ROI. We know that our tool kit seems to grow almost every month, yet our common goal — whether it was 20 years ago or yesterday — is to build and maintain positive relationships with these groups.

PRSA is still at the forefront of addressing effective diversity communications and building positive relationships.

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By Joseph Carleo, APR, executive producer, Advanced Language & Media Services , is a member of the PRSA Charlotte, NC Chapter.

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