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Helping Make a Difference in the Community

Upon accepting the Paul M. Lund Public Service Award during this morning’s General Session, Jill Allread, APR, offered some inspiring words to Conference attendees:


“I encourage you to take that gift you have of communications . . . there is such a need in the community with small groups trying to make a difference, whether it’s an organization serving children or trying to protect the environment. They need you. They need us. And a little bit of time can make all the difference to take an organization from a good idea to answer a need to an organization that then can raise the funds to actually put programs on the ground. The power that we have as communicators to be able help [organizations] to communicate internally and externally and organize is enormous. Think of the energy sitting in this room this morning to make a difference in the world.”


Given Jill’s many achievements in the Chicago-area community, she has helped make a difference.  

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