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Breakout: New Media, New Metrics: How to Service in the New Consumer-Driven Media World

PRSA International Conference - Philadelphia, PAI have always found Katie Delahaye Paine, CEO, KDPaine & Partners, to be a font of knowledge.  Well, actually more like a fire hose.  Her sessions are always packed with information, much more than one can consume in one setting.  I thought that I would share Katie’s 5-3-7 advice about social media measurement that she presented at today’s conference.

5 Immutable laws of 21st century communications

  1. There is no market for your message so stop screaming and start listening
  2. Spin is Dead, long live transparency, so be who you are an see who is pleased
  3. ROI doesn’t mean what you think it does, HITS = How Idiots Track Success, you must match the measurement tool to your objective
  4. She/He who has the most data wins, the data is there, you just have to find it and moreover, you become what you measure
  5. It will all change tomorrow

3 Must Haves Metrics For Social Media

  1. An Engagement index: Involvement+Interaction+Intimacy+Influence 
  2. A Transparency Index: What you Have to reveal+what you can reveal+what you don’t have to reveal
  3. A Relationship index: The Grunig and Hon, Guidelines for Measuring Relationships In Public Relations

7 steps to the Perfect Social Media Measurement System

  1. Define your mission and goals
  2. Understand your audience and what motivates them
  3. Define the metrics
  4. Determine what you are benchmarking against
  5. Pick a tool and undertake research
  6. Analyze results and glean insight
  7. Take action, measure again

Blogs and other social media are yielding a tremendous influence.  For instance, it’s easier to put my message on a bag of M&Ms than it is to get it into an A-list blog. Katie referenced a campaign by IBM that generated more leads, sales and exposure from a $500 podcast than it gets from its advertising campaigns. She also mentioned that Procter & Gamble is co-creating marketing with its customers.

Classic Quote:

“Google has replaced my encyclopedia, dictionary and my short term memory.”

Final Thoughts

Measure your relationship with the individual rather than the media.  The media has expanded to such an extent that it has become impossible to measure its impact.  However, you can measure the quality of the relationship and the outcomes of that relationship.

Katie Paine has also released a new book that is free in PDF called Measuring Public Relations (download pdf)

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