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How to Develop the Mind of a Strategist: Getting Invited to the Table Earlier

One of the reasons public relations communicators and other staff functions are left out of strategic meetings, especially when the most important decisions are made, is because we have great difficulty being strategic. The strategic mindset requires a different approach and a different kind of thinking.  To me, strategy is a unique mixture of mental energy verbally injected into an organization through communication, which results in behavior that achieves organizational objectives. All strategists have specific behaviors and attitudes that attract management attention. When it comes to achieving a strategic mindset, we are responding to those behaviors management finds extremely useful and that build on our intuition, creativeness and ability to deal with highly emotional situations. In this program, I identify and share the seven attributes of trusted strategic advisors using dramatic examples, dilemmas and corporate problems as vehicles for discussion, interactive learning and instruction.The Seven Disciplines are trustworthiness, verbal vision, management perspective, strategic thinking, pattern recognition, constructive advice, and teaching the boss to take your advice. A discipline is a highly focused behavior centered on an important concept, principle or intent.Other topics I cover in my session include:  what strategy is, why strategies fail, what management wants and expects from us, providing constructive feedback, making recommendations, overcoming resistance to your advice, getting the boss’ attention, and understanding the management perspective.Learn what management wants and how to provide options for resolving management trouble. Learn how to help the boss take next steps by providing information they don’t already have.

Why should your boss listen to you? This talk will help you affirmatively answer this question because you can be heard much earlier, more often, and at higher levels. Learn the disciplines to get there. You’ll come away with the know-how to provide a well-timed, truly significant insight every time.

By James E. Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA, CCEP, chairman and president, The Lukaszewski Group Inc., is one of public relations most frequently quoted and prolific authors/crisis communication management consultants. He helps prepare spokespersons for crucial public appearances and local and network news interviews including “20-20,” “60 Minutes,” “Dateline NBC,” “Nightline,” financial analyst meetings, and legislative and congressional testimony. Sign up for Jim’s free Executive Action eNewsletter at

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