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5 Tips for Producing Video Content During Social Distancing

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, content and PR professionals have become acutely aware of the spike in video creation over social media.

As business leaders and communicators continue to comply with social distancing guidelines, they are uniquely challenged to produce new forms of content that can cut through the clutter and deliver engaging and effective messaging.

While many of them are entering the world of video production and user generated content (UGC) for the first time, there are a few things to keep in mind before firing up that smartphone or webcam.

Here are five tips for effectively producing video content in a time of social distancing:

1. Focus on quality.

If it isn’t done well, then don’t do it. Just because you can sit in front of your computer or smartphone and record a video, doesn’t mean that you should. Take time to appreciate the value of production. You can deliver a well-produced piece that maintains brand integrity while also keeping your social distance.

The overall quality of your video matters to your audience and it should matter to you. Poor quality lessens the chance of engagement and will not reflect well on you as a leader or on your brand.

Find a quiet and well-lit area and record a few options to see what location looks and sounds best. And remember to switch it up, as a new environment will keep content fresh and appealing to your audience.

2. Stay relevant to our current struggles with COVID-19.

Don’t ignore the seriousness of our current situation. Instead, find the right opportunity to provide levity and hope. Many brands are refocusing their energies and their communications on COVID-19 responses. What can your brand be doing — and, in turn, share — to drive impact during the pandemic?

Be aware of what is happening with current events. Keep up to date with news and events at a state and national level. Speak about what is happening locally, while remembering what we are going through as a country.

3. Be authentic.

Find a message that unites and resonates with your audience and the situation that everyone is facing right now. We are all in this together, and every brand can play a part.

Actions speak louder than words. After identifying your message, take steps to back up your message. If you claim to support your local community, then raise money and awareness for a local cause. Find a cause that is relevant to your field, and support those who have been hurt by COVID-19.

4. Remember that everything communicates.

If you are filming at home or in an office, then make sure that the area is neat and tidy. Be careful about every element in the frame. Each will communicate and either add to or detract from your message.

Consider adding some personal elements to bring your unique personality into the video. Some recommendations include:

  • Family photos
  • Plants
  • Your child’s artwork
  • Objects that show your hobbies (cycling, music, literature, etc.)

5. Bring energy and enthusiasm.

If you aren’t excited about your content, then your audience won’t be either. When talking, speak loudly and clearly, as if you are speaking in public. Record yourself to make sure that your voice and visuals bring the energy you want.

Rehearse your messaging and perfect your on-camera presence. Think of this as an opportunity to engage with your audience and customers in a way you haven’t before. This is your chance to show a new side of yourself!

Making video that connects with your audience takes planning and an eye for production. Pay attention to the details to make sure that each moment and frame of video counts.

Scot Thor is vice president of content at KemperLesnik. An Emmy Award-winning producer, he works to bring the stories of his clients to life. With over 20 years of experience, his work spans national commercial campaigns, feature-length documentary films, unscripted television programming, live events, and thousands of hours of short-form digital and social content.

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