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Question of the Month: What Makes a Good Work Culture?

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For each issue, the editors of Strategies & Tactics ask PRSA members a “Question of the Month.” In honor of our “Employee Communications” issue, we posed the following question for March: “What makes a good work culture?”


“A good work culture is one in which people, having earned a substantial level of trust, are empowered to make decisions with the understanding that they will be supported by their leader.”

— Kena Lewis, APR
Public Affairs and Media Relations at Orlando Health
Orlando, Fla.


“Purpose and culture go hand-in-hand, as one without the other lacks permanence. An organization’s leadership team drives purpose, and culture is the daily expressing of that purpose by employees. So, a meaningful culture exists when employees understand the organization’s purpose — and their own.”

— Mike Neumeier, APR
CEO of Arketi Group


“A great work culture is created when you recognize that your organization’s success comes from the most important customer you’ll ever have: your own people. Make your expectations clear and put your people first. Success always follows.”

— Tom Jones
Manager, Air Operations and Global Express Communications at FedEx Express
Memphis, Tenn.


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