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Crafting a Great Story With Coca-Cola

A few years ago, our team committed to fully embracing this new world of storytelling with a huge emphasis on two-way communication. We did this by relaunching our corporate website from a platform of only static content to now owning our own digital magazine, Coca-Cola Journey. This is a publishing platform where we share new stories on a daily basis about Coca-Cola as well as general topics that are important to the company including music, history, culture, sustainability and sports.

In my session at the PRSA and PRIME Research Conference, I will share the background on #CokeJourney, how we’ve grown our readership, how we choose story topics, what we’ve seen work so far and what you can take from all of our learnings. So what can I share with you now? In an effort to make sure our stories are always compelling and useful to our readers, something we’ve found really helpful are the four questions we ask ourselves when we begin the writing process for each piece of content. Our Digital and Communications Manager, Ashley Callahan, shared the four Q’s in a previous presentation and created an awesome infographic to spread it more widely: Take a look!

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What do you think? Should we add any other questions and will these be helpful to you? Does your company use content marketing in any way? What do you think about brand publishing and have you seen other examples?

Please check out #CokeJourney and bring your questions, comments and feedback to my presentation on May 15th. Can’t make it? Follow me on Twitter at @Mallory8. I would love to continue the conversation there and will be sure to tweet a few thoughts from my preso as well.

Hope to see you in New York.

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Mallory Perkins is a social media analyst for The Coca-Cola Company. 


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  • Great 4 criteria to think about before creating content. 1.It is really important that the article written will be interesting for the target. 2.It must be sexy for the audience .it should shock, so they will spread the post.3 Definitely, it should appeal to a wide number of readers.4 I strongly agree with this one. Many companies forget to accomplish their objectives through the post. They create engaging content that will not affect sales. I love your tips , they are really helpful!

  • The information provided in this post is extremely helpful to me because I’m trying to write content about celebrating a major milestone with a company that is not well known. The tips that you have provided will make my job a little easier…Thanks for the great advice.

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