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What’s Your Leadership Energy Level?

“Agency owners and managers need to be conscious about what a critical role energy plays in our ability to lead ourselves and others effectively,” says Alan.

Forget traditional and alternative forms of power. The kind of energy you exude as an agency owner or manager can provide startling clues to the health and direction of your enterprise.

Are you out to secure long-term client relationships, or are you skimming the market for a short-term payday? Do you focus on employee retention or resign yourself to the inevitable turn over? Is your management structure strict command and control or a flatter, more open arrangement?

Regardless of your approach: energy drives attitude, and attitude drives leadership ability. Alan Cohen, MBA, CPC, Counselors Academy member and president of Acts of Balance Executive Coaching, knows that understanding the energy you broadcast to your staff, colleagues and clients can have a lasting impact on your business.

 “Agency owners and managers need to be conscious about what a critical role energy plays in our ability to lead ourselves and others effectively,” says Alan. 

“We all have certain default tendencies in how we view the world that do not always serve us,” he explains. “There are ways we can shift our energetic levels to be more successful in business and in life.”

The trick is to become conscious of your default tendencies, and to create new filters through which to perceive situations in a more empowering way. To do that, Alan will introduce the “Seven Levels of Energy” and how to make them work for you during the Counselors Academy Conference roundtable “Energy Leadership.”

Level 7      Non-judgment      Creation
Level 6      Synthesis                Wisdom
Level 5      Reconciliation        Acceptance
Level 4      Concern                   Service
Level 3      Responsibility        Forgiveness
Level 2      Conflict                    Anger
Level 1      Victim                      Apathy 

Based on assessments of hundreds of thousands of people, Alan has data on where most of us fall on this scale. Join Alan to find out where you are and can be at the “Energy Leadership” roundtable at the upcoming PRSA Counselors Academy Conference, on Saturday, May 22, 10–10:45 a.m. and 11–11:45 a.m., and Sunday, May 23, 10:15–11 a.m. and 11:15 a.m.–Noon.

Alan Cohen, MBA, CPC, president, Acts of Balance Executive Coaching, has over 25 years of experience in business, including public relations, marketing, human resources, and training and development. As a certified executive coach, trainer and speaker, Alan serves professionals from a variety of industries, primarily public relations, marketing and the media, to help navigate the ever-changing business landscape to achieve greater success, fulfillment and balance. Alan is an accredited member of the International Coach Federation (and is one of only 5,000 Associate Certified Coaches in the world) and a trainer for iPEC Coaching. He is the founder of the PR Mastermind Group, a think tank for PR executives. Connect with Alan on LinkedIn.

Bob Reed, partner and co-founder, Element-R Partners, LLC, applies his 26 years of corporate communications, public relations and marketing communication skills into comprehensive program development, planning, management and execution. A veteran of big agencies (J. Walter Thompson and Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide), Bob has created and implemented programs involving chemicals, commercial insurance, finance, electronics, medical devices, utilities, automotive, and professional services for companies such as Atlantic Mutual Companies, Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, Linear Corp., Snap-on, General Chemical and MBIA Corp. Connect with Bob on LinkedIn and follow him on twitter @Rareed.

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