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Did You Hear The Rumor?

Don’t be the last to hear what is being said about your company and brand, or issues affecting your business. Attend our session, What Are Your Customers Thinking — Right Now: How to Use Real-Time Media Analysis and Data Visualization to Make Better Business Decisions, and see how other companies use analytics to better anticipate rumors and as a result have a better and timelier reply to attacks on their image or brand.

Did you hear the other rumor about the expert special guest?
This isn’t a rumor; it is true. Attending our session is Nicolas Chazaud. He is a social media expert, based in Paris, France. He has been managing social media monitoring projects for global companies since 2006 while completing a Ph.D. dissertation on online corporate reputation and social media in 2008. He has developed a unique methodology for managing corporate reputation by assessing the influence of social media. He is now in charge of reputation management projects and developing new tools and methods to analyze all kinds of social media (blogs, forums, microblogging, social networks …).

I heard a rumor you will be attending my session. I hope it is true.

Michel Da Costa, account executive, U.S. Analytic Solutions Team, LexisNexis By Michel Da Costa is an account executive for the LexisNexis U.S. Analytic Solutions Team. He has spent most of his career helping companies gain strategic insights through media monitoring and analysis. Da Costa launched the first competitive intelligence platform in France combining proprietary technology and consulting and implemented 120 customized projects for global companies in Europe before joining the LexisNexis New York office.

Join Da Costa for his presentation, “What Are Your Customers Thinking — Right Now?: How to Use Real-Time Media Analysis and Data Visualization to Make Better Business Decisions,” at the Digital Impact Conference: Build Your Business and Brand with Social Media PR Strategies, Thursday, April 30–Friday, May 1, 2009, in New York, NY!

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