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Roll Up Your Sleeves and Create Content!

The world needs more content! Well-written, insightful articles have never had a problem getting picked up and published.

When someone goes through the work of creating killer content, companies will line up to purchase advertising space to be associated with it. The logic is simple. Consumers love good content and are willing to invest their time to consume it — and advertisers are certainly aware and are willint to invest in an attempt to get some of that precious consumer attention.

Under the traditional media model, the networks, newspapers and media outlets would purchase or create content and the advertisers would pay to associate their messaging with it. Because distribution was controlled by a small number of entities, you had to pay to get your message out.

But everything is changing….

With social media, you now have the ability to broadcast content for free. And if you do an awesome job and create killer content, people will actually subscribe to your blog, regularly check your Web site or even record your podcast or Web video for later viewing. Who knows, maybe advertisers will even pay you to be associated with the content you create.

 George Wright, marketing director, Blendtec, has changed the face and the future of online marketing with his viral marketing campaign, Will it Blend? Seen by more than 100 million people on the Internet and reported on by traditional media outlets like Today, the Tonight Show, the History Channel, The Big Idea, etc. Will it Blend? continues to deliver unprecedented corporate awareness through social media channels. Wright has a proven track record of delivering strategic thinking, brand awareness and cutting-edge marketing and advertising strategy to local and international corporations to drive strategic, sustainable growth. During his career, George has produced several award-winning campaigns and is the recipient of multiple awards, including a Clio, the .net Award for the best viral marketing site in 2006, YouTube Awards short list, PRSA’s Silver Anvil, IABC’s Golden Spike Award, and 2007 Best of Broadband and two Gold Communicator awards.

Join Wright for his session, Will it Blend? The Viral Marketing Story, at the T3PR Conference: Theory, Tactics & Technology for High-Tech Public Relations on Thursday, September 11, 2008, at 8 a.m.– 6p.m. EDT, in New York, NY!

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