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We Can Control Our Communications Technology Destiny

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This post is brought to you by APPrise Mobile, a proud sponsor of PRSA. Jeff Corbin is moderating a professional development session on Oct. 9 at the PRSA 2017 International Conference in Boston.

Companies all around the world are met with the difficult task of effectively communicating with and engaging their employees, customers and other constituents. No matter the size of the organization or the industry it operates in, every company faces the same challenge of effectively delivering important information and messaging.

As technology has evolved and offered us as practitioners in the PR profession new ways of doing our work, communications should be getting easier and more engaging. Recent data suggests otherwise.

In partnership with PRSA, APPrise Mobile recently conducted research and published a report regarding the use of technology in the PR and communications industry. We surveyed over 600 communications professionals to understand how they are using both new and older technologies in their work.

The bottom-line results — our profession is not embracing newer ways of doing business and continues to rely on what we are accustomed to. Email is the primary method for both internal and external communications, while newer technologies like social media and mobile apps linger behind.

Interestingly, while email is the most frequently used method for internal communications, many agreed that it is not the most effective. Over 60 percent of respondents believe that other technologies eventually should become as, if not more, important than email, but they just aren’t ready for the change.

This is unfortunate, since now more than ever before we as communications professionals have the opportunity to control our destiny when it comes to the implementation and use of new ways of doing our work.

With the proliferation of mobile technologies and cloud computing, we no longer have to rely on IT to install solutions on premise, but in many instances can simply sign up ourselves and get started using them immediately. Moreover, the cost of doing so definitely fits within our budgets.

I look forward to moderating a panel session on Oct. 9 at this year’s PRSA 2017 International Conference in Boston. Titled “Evolving With Technology: How to Stay Relevant,” we will dive into an advanced discussion of how leading companies like Dunkin’ Brands, Ingersoll Rand and GE Power Digital are utilizing different technologies for both internal and external communications purposes. The session will leave you empowered to go back to work realizing that through the use of technology you now have the ability to do your job better and more efficiently.

Jeff Corbin is CEO of APPrise Mobile.


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  • Informative article. I agree that we have grown to love email because it’s something we are comfortable with using; however, with technology constantly developing it won’t be long until this method of communication will be done differently. It’s difficult to stop using something a part of our daily routines, but it’s good to make changes and I think it will happen soon.

  • I agree. As a one of the most important part of the Integrated Marketing Communication, the PR professionals should be updated on the trend technological changes, and those demand time, support and trainning because for many people it is always hard to make radical changes on the way they have been doing for long time.

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