New E-mail Options for Members

Opt-in, opt-out, opt-in, opt-out. It sounds like the making of a karate lesson from a 1980s pop-culture movie, but in reality it is representative of the new e-mail options available to PRSA members.

As part of our ongoing effort to enhance member experience, we are pleased to announce that beginning today members will now have more than twice as many ways to customize their e-mail preferences. These changes will provide members with the ability to better pick and choose what communications they receive from PRSA National, and focus their selections on topics that best suit their needs, interests and lifestyle.

Now you can choose to receive Issues & Trends, Advocacy information and Job Center communications. Or, perhaps you’d prefer to just get information about webinar dates, awards information and member promotions. Or maybe…well, the options are seemingly endless.

With the rollout of the new options, members will automatically be opted-in for all e-mails if they are currently opted-in for any PRSA National e-mail. Consider this a starting point we’re setting for you, one that can quickly and easily be changed.

For those of you who have previously opted-out of receiving communications from National, you’ll remain  opted-out, but we encourage you  to review the new options available in the event there are specific types of information that you might want to receive using the new options.

So we are encouraging all members to log into their myPRSA profile and edit their e-mail preferences under the “My Communications Preferences” header. The new options will look like this:

In addition to the expanded e-mail options, members will also notice an option to receive Tactics and Strategist electronically. Beginning Sept. 1, 2013, an electronic version of Tactics will be sent to all members who are opted-in to this choice. The format will be similar to that of Issues & Trends and will allow readers to peruse the issue via active links or by going to the PRSA website and reading the flipbook version.

The new feature allows easy access to the robust content contained in each issue of Tactics at any time from any mobile, tablet or desktop device. But don’t let this new choice scare you – the print version will still be delivered to your mailbox each month unless you specifically opt-out of receiving that version. The potential is there for you to now receive just print, just electronic or both print and electronic – You get to choose. We’ll be sharing more information on the new e-publication options in the days to come.

To recap:

  1. PRSA National has increased the number of e-mail communications options available to members.
  2. If you are currently opted-in to any PRSA National e-mail you will now be opted-in to all PRSA National e-mails, but you can quickly change these settings in your myPRSA member profile.
  3. If you are currently opted-out of PRSA National e-mails you will continue to be opted-out but we encourage you to look at the new options and make the choices that are right for you.
  4. Beginning Sept. 1, 2013, all members will receive Tactics in the electronic version AND in the print version. You can also change those preferences through your myPRSA profile to include or exclude the offered formats. (NOTE: New members, as of Aug. 2, 2013, will only receive the electronic version of the publication)

We’re listening – and what we’ve heard is that you’d like more choices in terms of how PRSA delivers information to you, and we’re hoping that these latest changes will give you more choices, enable us to serve you better, and make your membership even more valuable.

Stephanie Cegielski is the associate director of public relations at the Public Relations Society of America.

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