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My APR Experience – the “dos and don’ts”

My APR experience was a tumultuous one. I may be the exception because everyone always talks about the good, but then glazes over the unpleasant. Yes, becoming Accreditation in Public Relations was a career-long quest and I feel quite the sense of accomplishment. It wasn’t easy; I failed along the way (a couple different ways) and had to coach myself back. The best way to pass along what I’ve learned is a list of “dos and don’ts.”


  • Buy three to four of the books on the short and long bookshelf; there are many budget-friendly books on Amazon — where I purchased my references.
  • Actually read the books — cover to cover — more than once.
  • Answer the questions at the end of the chapters. It will help you solidify the material.
  • Follow the PRSA Study Guide. It is practically handing you the test.
  • Join a study group. Ask your Accreditation chair who else is in the process in the area. Even long distance study partners work.
  • Dedicate time weekly to study with a schedule to help you stick to it — and write that schedule down!
  • Use the three hours and 45 minutes provided for the Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations. Take your time thinking out the questions for the best possible answer.
  • Ask your company to help pay for the process. If not the Examination, maybe the books?
  • Realize what you learn will help you in your job every day!


  • Think you can do it on your own — ask for help when you get stumped. Your local Accreditation chair is a great resource.
  • Take too long after the Readiness Review to take the Examination.
  • Think you can just memorize the material. The Examination is really “theory-based.”
  • Get discouraged if you fail the Readiness Review or the Examination. Just pick yourself up and take them again.
  • Use the feedback provided and work with your Accreditation chair. They want you to succeed in every way!

Please e-mail me at if you have questions on the APR process. I want you to succeed too!

Michelle ScheuermannMichelle Scheuermann, APR, is the director of communications for The Sportsman Channel, a national cable network based in Milwaukee, Wisc.

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