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Staying Employed

Here are some thoughts on how to keep the job you are in. They could be perceived as ‘common sense’, however not always ‘common practice’.

E — Go the Extra mile — Take on additional responsibilities and do your job with both energy and enthusiasm.

M — Manage your time — We all have the same amount of time in a day, yet some people are more productive then others. Motivate yourself, which is only something you can do for yourself.

P — Be Professional at all times — You are truly on 24/7 — someone is watching us and making a judgment in the way we Present our self and the type of Poise we possess; take Pride in your work.

L — Listen with both your ears and eyes. We were given two ears and one mouth for a reason — use them in proportion so that we listen more then we speak.
Show your loyalty to your company in all that you do.

O — Everything is an Opportunity to learn more and create internal connections. Ask Open-ended high gain questions and be as Organized as possible.

Y — Say Yes to all projects that you are given and ask for more. Reach out of your comfort zone and stretch. Also, when in any conversation, focus on the “YOU” — the other person you are talking with.

E — Have Empathy for those you work with and are surrounded by. Make sure to put things into action or Execution and realize as you are learning new systems and ways to do you job — it is an Evolution.

D — Continually have Determination and Dedication — no matter what. The economy is tough and yet those that maintain their spirit and are results-oriented live by the old saying that is still very much in style today — Just DO it!

Go have your best week ever and think of these affirmations daily.

By Andrea R. Nierenberg, founder and president, The Nierenberg Group, is a best-selling author and a world-renowned business authority. Called a “networking success story” by The Wall Street Journal, Andrea brings a stellar 25 years as a leader in sales and marketing to the table, making her an in-demand business expert both at home and abroad. Andrea speaks in cross-cultural settings, at international companies and conferences. Her company partners with an array of the world’s leading businesses, including Citigroup, Time Inc., TIAA-CREF, The Food Network, Omnicom, Coach, Deutsche Bank, Tiffany & Co. and Douglas Elliman Real Estate, to name just a few. She serves on the board of the Boy Scouts of America-Greater New York Councils and has been honored by Office Depot and the National Association for Female Executives as Business Woman of the Year. She also has received the Direct Marketing Association of New York’s Silver Apple Award for her longstanding dedication to the direct marketing industry.

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