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PRSAICON Around the Blogosphere: Agile Engagement, Story Marketing, Biz Stone’s Key Points

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PRSA 2012 International Conference blog coverage features postings about agile engagement, story marketing, & takeaways from Biz Stone’s inspirational keynote address.

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Read latest blog postings about the PRSA 2012 International Conference in San Francisco.

From PR Newswire’s Beyond PR Blog:

ROI in the PR & Marketing world can sometimes be a very fickle thing. While we all want numbers and dollars that we can point too, sometimes that’s not going to be the metric that we can easily point too. Share of voice, links built, actions taken, are some of the other kinds of metrics that we also need to look for.

In my presentation [The New Rules for Modern Communication: Why the Next Big Trend in PR Is Agile Engagement] at PRSA 2012, I use a video of Burberry CEO Andrea Ahrendts speaking about the Burberry Art of The Trench campaign in which she talks about the fact that she is less concerned with the purchasing of the product than the mindshare that they are trying to create.

The ROI discussion is one that is too long for this post, but in a simple way, it boils down to having a goal in mind with each piece of content. Ask yourself the simple question, “What do I want someone to do next after they’ve finished reading this.” (Read more)

From the Cision Blog:

Global vice president of media research at Cision, Heidi Sullivan, delivered a professional development session at the PRSA 2012 International Conference titled How Story Marketing Can Power Your PR Program.

We rounded up some tweets from attendees to show you the story she told, and the actionable items you can take to your office. (Read more)

From the GablePR Blog:

[Biz Stone] made three key points that resonated with people as evidenced by the blast of tweets from the session, post-session conversations and in remarks by other presenters who referenced the Stone talk:

To succeed spectacularly you need to be ready to fail spectacularly.

Opportunity can be manufactured. What circumstance can I prearrange and take advantage of?

Creativity is a renewable resource. (Read more)

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