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On the Record…Online with Hyku blogger Josh Hallett

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Social media consultant Josh Hallett goes On the Record…Online with host Eric Schwartzman of new media marketing service provider iPressroom to discuss the challenges of integrating social media into external communications campaigns.

This podcast was recorded at the 2007 Public Relations Society of America International Conference in Philadelphia.

Josh Hallett is internationally recognized as a thought leader in the convergence of social media, corporate public relations and marketing. Mr. Hallett is the founder of Hyku, LLC, who recently joined technology PR firm Voce Communications. He has provided support to Fortune 500 firms, the traditional media, and some of the world’s largest public relations and marketing firms. Mr. Hallett is also a highly sought-after public speaker on social media and has presented at numerous workshops, seminars, and conferences in a wide variety of marketing segments. He participated in the official conference blog at the 2007 PRSA International Conference.

Show Notes:

3:30 – Hallett on his role as a conference blogger at the 2007 PRSA International Conference.

5:15 – Hallett on his introduction to social media.

6:25 – Hallett on his transition into new media consulting.

7:14 – Hallett on why he became involved in a “communication-driven” industry.

8:19 – Hallett on how much time he dedicates to learning new media technologies.

9:21 – Hallett on understanding the business application of new media services.

11:19 – Hallett on the challenges of open source technology.

12:26 – Hallett on determining what social media application will provide the best support for a client.

15:33 – Hallett on the challenge of implementing new media technology in order to positively impact the client’s communication campaign.

17:47 – Hallett on educating clients to perceive their website as a live communications vehicle between the company and its customer.

20:18 – Hallett on how his non-traditional background has helped him build a unique vision as a PR professional.

22:21 – End

Schwartzman is also managing director of Los Angeles PR firm Schwartzman & Associates.

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