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Public Relations Job Search Checklist

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Public relations and communications job seeker benefits, including career resources like this Job Search Checklist, are available though the PRSA JobCenter.


  • Resume: Create a simple one that could be easily modified.
  • Prepare samples: Have them ready to send by email or bring with you on disk or flash drive.
  • Prepare cover letters: Proofread carefully when sending so as to match content with receiver.
  • References: Figure out who your references will be and let them know you’ll be using them.

Keep it Going

Prepare for Your Interview

  • Study all you can about the company with whom you have an interview. Look for public relations professionals who work there by searching PRSA’s member directory or LinkedIn group. Study the company’s website and blogs. Research the company, its public relations team and leadership in the news. Study their news releases.
  • Find out who you will be meeting and check LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to learn about them.
  • Make sure you know exactly where they are located (including suite and floor number) and how to get there. Find out if there are special instructions if you will be there before or after regular business hours.
  • Take notes on questions that stump you in interviews and figure out great answers for them in case you’re asked again.


Sandy Charet works with employers through her executive recruitment firm, Charet & Associates, to identify candidates for mid- and senior level opportunities in public relations, investor relations and corporate communications.

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  • Thank you for this post.  As a communications student on the verge of graduation, these tips are incredibly helpful to me.  it is more and more important to develop and maintain ones personal brand these days and that tip was the most eye opening for me.  i will continue to check the PRSA website for more tips during my job search.